13 Days of Halloween: How to Survive Scream

Surviving “Scream” requires a combination of knowledge, physical ability, emotional resilience, and always being one step ahead.

Surviving the “Scream” movie series or the mysterious killer called “Ghostface” is no easy task. The series, created by Kevin Williamson and masterfully directed by Wes Craven, became famous for its clever play on horror film conventions and the self-awareness of its characters. The victims in the movies were often just as familiar with horror tropes as the audience, making it a game of wits. If you ever find yourself in the terrifying situation of being pursued by Ghostface, you’ll need every ounce of knowledge, wit, and resourcefulness to make it out alive.

Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to survive:

1. Know Your Horror Movie Rules:

“Scream” made it abundantly clear that there are certain rules one must abide by to successfully survive a horror movie:

  • Avoid Promiscuity: Historically, in horror films, characters who engage in intimate acts often end up as victims. While it’s an old cliché and slightly moralistic in nature, it’s best to avoid getting intimate while there’s a killer on the loose.
  • Don’t Drink or Do Drugs: Being under the influence can slow your reflexes and cloud your judgment.
  • Never Say “I’ll be right back”: It’s as if you’re asking never to return.
  • Stay Together: There’s safety in numbers. Splitting up makes it easier for the killer to pick you off one by one.

2. Be Skeptical of Everyone:

Throughout the “Scream” series, Ghostface’s identity changes, but a common theme is that the killer is often someone close to the main characters. Trust no one completely.

3. Secure Your Home:

Ensure all doors and windows are locked. While it may sound obvious, many victims in horror movies, including “Scream,” meet their demise because of easy entry points for the killer.

4. Always Check Your Backseat:

Before getting into your car, always check the backseat. Many a horror film victim has been surprised by a killer hiding there.

5. Avoid Secluded Areas:

Stay out of isolated areas like the woods, deserted barns, or empty houses. The more public and populated an area, the better.

6. Communication is Key:

Ensure you have a working phone with you at all times. If your landline gets cut (a favorite tactic of Ghostface), you need a backup.

7. Be Physically Prepared:

Your chances of surviving increase if you’re physically fit. Running, hiding, and occasionally fighting back requires stamina and strength.

8. Use Your Surroundings:

Use everyday objects as weapons if needed. Kitchen utensils, tools, and even heavy books can be used in defense.

9. Don’t Investigate Strange Noises Alone:

If you hear a strange noise, especially if you’re in a group, don’t decide to go check it out alone. As mentioned, there’s safety in numbers.

10. Have an Escape Plan:

Always know where the exits are. If you’re in a house, know which windows can be safely jumped out of, and always have a set of car keys handy.

11. Emotional Resilience:

Ghostface often taunts victims over the phone. Remaining calm and not allowing yourself to be manipulated emotionally can be a significant advantage.

12. Call the Police:

While in many horror films, the police aren’t much help, it’s still essential to inform them immediately. They might arrive just in time or at least be aware of the situation.

13. No Showboating:

If you manage to knock down or incapacitate the killer, don’t stand around gloating or checking if they’re dead. Leave the area or make sure they can’t get back up.

14. Stay Updated:

In the “Scream” universe, killers often draw inspiration from horror movies. Being aware of horror film plots and tropes can provide insights into the killer’s next move.

15. Watch for Patterns:

Ghostface killers often have a motive tied to past events or grudges. Being aware of any significant incidents or shared histories within your group can help pinpoint potential suspects.

16. No Place is Safe:

Just because a place seems secure doesn’t mean it is. Always be alert and never let your guard down entirely.

17. Seek Help:

Apart from the police, informing other trusted individuals or groups about the threat can provide additional protection and resources.

18. Trust Your Instincts:

If something feels off, it probably is. Your gut feeling might save your life.

19. Don’t Assume It’s Over:

Even if you believe the killer has been dealt with, always be cautious. Many horror films, “Scream” included, feature killers coming back for one last scare.

20. Remember, It’s a Movie:

While the “Scream” films feel terrifyingly real at times, it’s crucial to remember that they’re fiction. The best way to survive is to enjoy the thrill from the safety of your couch.

In conclusion, surviving “Scream” requires a combination of knowledge, physical ability, emotional resilience, and always being one step ahead. The series cleverly plays on the audience’s expectations, turning clichés on their heads. But with this comprehensive guide, you now have a solid game plan to tackle any Ghostface that comes your way. Remember, stay safe, trust no one, and always be prepared. Enjoy the thrill, but always be ready to fight back!

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