An Uplifting Experience

An easy way to lift and manage your Jeep Wrangler Hardtop. The installation of a Pittsburgh Automotive Electric Hoist with a remote.
Jeep Hardtop Hoist

Yesterday I wrote details regarding how to install the Lange Original Jeep Door Hangers from Quadratec.  Today I want to share the details on how I installed a Partsam 440 lbs Lift Electric Hoist Crane for easy removal of my Jeep Wrangler Hardtop.

The installation is straightforward and doesn’t require special tools, however, it is an installation that must be approached with caution.  Why?  Because, if your ceiling mount your hoist as I did, it is possible for the hoist and a load to fall.  Careful selection of mounting location and proper installation is very important.

With this “how-to” article I cannot provide a “what you need” list as each garage, home, etc. installation will vary, however, I will provide details of my installation as a reference.  My hoist was installed using the following:

  • (1) 1”x1”x3’ Poplar Wood
  • (2) Lag Bolts (with shoulders)
  • (4) Wood Screws


Prior to my installation, I read suggestions that recommended connecting the Hanging Clamps (included with the hoist) to angle iron, followed by bolting the angle iron to the ceiling.  This was the original idea, however, I feared I would not be able to drill the lag bolts center of the studs in my ceiling (a concern I might split a stud off-center).  As an alternative, I chose Poplar Wood.  The Poplar is bolted with lag bolts in the center of the studs and the Hanging Clamps are around the Poplar (replacing the angle iron).  Prior to mounting the hoist to the ceiling, four additional wood screws were screwed into the Poplar (against the ceiling side) to ensure the hoist couldn’t move (trolley) along the wood (each side of both Hanging Clamps).

The installation then went as follows:

  1. I located the studs and marked up the ceiling and the Poplar.
  2. I drove pilot holes in the ceiling studs and the Poplar.
  3. I mounted the Hoist to the Poplar with the Hanging Clamps.
  4. I then ran wood screws into the Poplar on the Hanging Clamps side of the wood (ceiling side) to ensure the hoist wouldn’t move in the future (trolley along the wood).
  5. Next, I lifted the hoist, attached it to the Poplar, and bolted the Poplar to the ceiling using the lag bolts.
  6. Powered up and done.

The single-line power of the hoist is rated at 440lbs, however, the double-line will lift 880lbs.  This is far more than necessary for a Jeep Wrangler hardtop weighing in at 136lbs.

From Partsam:

  • Tips 1: PARTSam is the ONLY authorized seller of Partsam products. If you receive a product that does not arrive branded PARTSam on or not in a PARTSam packaging with logo, please contact that seller for a refund as it is a counterfeit PARTSam product.
  • Tips 2: How To USE: As image 4 shows, it firstly needs a mental bar or solid wooden bar that affords enough weights to hang the hoist up ceiling indoor or hanging outdoor.
  • Lifting Weight: 220lb.(Single-line), 440lb.(Double-line) ; Lifting Height: 38ft(Single-line), 19ft(Double-line) ; Lifting Speed: 33ft/min(Single-line), 16ft/min(Double-line); Handle remote cord is 4.9FT ; Diameter of wire rope: 0.12inch ; Tensile strength of wire rope ≧ 1870N/mm2
  • Rated Volt: 110/120V ~ 60Hz ; Rated Current: 4.1A ; Input Power: 460W ; Horsepower: 0.616 hp
  • VERSATILE USE: Partsam electric hoist winch can be used to lift regular or irregular shape things as stones, trees, mower, engine, truck top cover, etc. vertically or horizontally in garage, ceilings, loft, barn, attic anywhere and anytime you can imagine and is a “must” in Christmas for lifting all kinds of heavy things. Lift Slings are included to make your job easier.【PARTSam Electric Hoist Runs with Emergency Stop Switch, the Red Button Works for that】

Update: May 26th, 2020
I’ve had a few people write in asking where to get the hoist, the straps, etc., so I’m adding links to everything here. I hope this helps!

Hoist: Partsam 440 lbs Lift Electric Hoist Crane
Lift Straps: JCHL Moving Straps

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