Realizing my choice in dinner reservations placed me too distant from the theater district (before a performance) I changed my dinner reservations from a restaurant in Soho to Blue Fin in Times Square. What a great choice.

Blue Fin NYC

My friend and I arrived and we were immediately seated upstairs, without a wait. Important when time is limited. We began with Crab Cakes as an entree and the serving easily accommodated both of us; moreover, the Cilantro Aioli was delicious. Dinner was a Truffle Crusted Filet Mignon for her and Local Striped Bass for myself. The bass had flavor and the softest texture. Falling apart when speared, great with each bite. The lemon-chive and risotto made it more than enough for one – all delicious. I did not taste her Filet, but she made it clear it was delicious and loved every bite. Without diminishing the success of our meals, I typically don’t expect food of this caliber in “tourist” type venues, however, Blue Fin did not disappoint.

My only complaint is a mild annoyance with the upstairs bar. My friend, more forgiving than I, did not comment on the bar patrons spilling out toward the dining area. There came a moment where a gentleman drinking a Martini was only a breath away from her shoulder and I felt the staff should have contained the ever-growing and expanding crowd. That said, I have no other complaint.

Friendly and knowledgeable staff, a modern beautiful venue (make sure to dine upstairs with a view of the sculpted staircase), and great food. A winner. Make your reservation by Clicking Here.

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