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"Its better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it." A little twist on Kafka there. Five years ago I found Adapt Academy and they're my go to for firearms training. Heads and tails above my trainers in Michigan and I've got a lot more training ahead of me. My firearms and tactical training builds and prepares me for stressful situations, even without having a firearm or weapon.



A private educational institution offering a full range of programs and courses focused on the professional development of Military, Law Enforcement, Professional Security, Shooting Sports, and Personal Self-Defense. Additionally, Adapt Academy serves Las Vegas, Nevada, Quincy, Washington, and Kingman, Arizona.

Become a Weapon.

Join us in our 4-hour training sessions that are designed to educate, encourage, evolve, and harden the warrior within. Honing the basic fundamentals, introducing new skills sets, developing combat mindset, and expert diagnostics to help you advance your techniques to personal mastery.

Adapt Academy


Ron Jones Ruger PC Carbine and HK VP9 LE
Foundry Training
Ron Jones Ruger PC Carbine and HK VP9 LE Ron Jones Ruger PC Carbine Ron Jones H&K VP9 LE A little SundayGunday on Monday! Yesterday was Foundry with Adapt Academy and man, what a day of surprises. I took out new toys, my H&K VP9 LE, and my Ruger PC Carbine - Is anyone else surprisingly accurate with their support…
Statement on the FBI Response to the Shooting in Buffalo, New York

Director Christopher Wray, Deputy Director Paul Abbate, and other FBI officials led a National Partners Conference Call today with faith leaders, civil rights leaders, and private sector partners to discuss the tragic shooting at a grocery store in Buffalo, New York, over the weekend. Director Wray offered his deepest condolences to the victims and their families and to the entire…

Lone Wolf LTD19 V1 RMR
Sunday Gunday: Lone Wolf LTD17

Lone Wolf Arms, a leader of innovation in the Glock aftermarket, announces the Lightweight Tactical Defense (LTD) Compact pistol line.

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Clark County Shooting Complex

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8 Hours

May 1st, 2022

Nevada CCW

Nevada Concealed Firearms Permit Course


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my latest addition

Ruger PC Carbine

The Ruger PC Carbine, which has a 16.12-inch (409 mm) threaded barrel and accepts not only the Ruger SR9 pistol magazine, but also magazines from Glock, Ruger American Pistol and the new Ruger Security-9 pistols via interchangeable magazine well adaptor inserts.