A little SundayGunday on Monday! Yesterday was Foundry with Adapt Academy and man, what a day of surprises. I took out new toys, my H&K VP9 LE, and my Ruger PC Carbine – Is anyone else surprisingly accurate with their support hand? I wasn’t expecting a nightmare but was, still, I was pleasantly surprised.

We managed to get in (even with unpredictable weather): shooting on the move, shooting moving targets, and primary to secondary transitions. There’s a chance we may not be at the Clark County Shooting Complex every time, who wants to come out for five hours of fun???

In case you’re wondering what I’m talking about when I say “Foundry”, have a read:

In this session we started with the fundamentals of movement, getting off the “X”, and continued movement in a sustained engagement.


  • Body reference or Point shooting positions.
  • Pivoting and tracking a moving target.
  • Footwork for rapid response to multiple directions of attack.
  • Pacing for the optimal balance of speed vs. accuracy while moving.