Kimpton Hotel Wilshire

Contemporary. Sleek. Modern. Tech Savvy. What am I describing? No, not a new smartphone, I’m describing the Kimpton Hotel Wilshire.
Kimpton Hotel Wilshire

Contemporary. Sleek. Modern. Tech Savvy. What am I describing? No, not a new smartphone or tablet. Not a new luxury car or PC either. These are the adjectives I use when describing The Hotel Wilshire.

The Hotel Wilshire was not at all what I expected – but in a good way. Upon arrival at the narrow valet with an entrance similar to a New York parking garage, I must say was daunting, but once inside the NY vibe disappeared. A modern, glass, crisp interior awaited. I may not be the typical traveler, but then again, maybe I am as I travel with two mobile phones, a tablet, and at least two laptops (among other things); and the ability to use my devices as if I’m at home is usually not a luxury. However, I was wrong this time and The Hotel Wilshire delivered in spades meeting my demand. I’m not sure what inspired such tech-savvy, but wall amounted dock for HDMI, VGA, S-Video, RGB, iPod / iPhone / iPad, LAN, USB, and audio? Mitsubishi climate controls, LED lighting, Wi-Fi that wasn’t anemic, and more. I had to ask myself: “Where am I?” Is this a sort of Shangri La?

In addition to the technical “everything” I just mentioned, the room is styled oh so well. I am a high-rise dweller who enjoys modern decor with a hint of minimalism – I couldn’t have picked a better place. One will note ample closet space and a sexy chaise with hidden storage below. Quite possibly the softest bed and pillows in my last six months of travel, with crisp and clean lighting, and a bath with utterly sleek surfaces. I also note the intense cleanliness of the room, not a spot on the shower glass – noticeable. The interior design is perfect for one week, one month, or whatever your stay. Mind you: I’m not even discussing the great rooftop pool in this review!

If you are looking for something traditional with dark woods, and earthy furnishings this may not be the place for you. If you are looking for a modern room with technical flair, I recommend you visit this weekend. A new addition to my “Best List”, The Hotel Wilshire is all Aces in my book!


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