Mr. C Beverly Hills

This gem is now my first choice when booking accommodations in or near Beverly Hills. Come for a walk with me through my memory…

Mr. C Beverly Hills

I’ve heard myths and fairy tales of quiet restaurants only a few know of; speakeasies, private clubs, and hotels described as “Hidden Gems.” I actually found a hidden gem, and this gem is now my first choice when booking accommodations in or near Beverly Hills. Come for a walk with me through my memory…

When I arrived at Mr. C Beverly Hills I was greeted immediately with a lush lawn and cobbled roundabout. Flags waving to the sky and the most hospitable of hosts. Before I could get my wits about me my rolling case was on a Bellman’s Cart and I had been informed of the hotel’s amenities, the House Car (we will revisit this shortly), and my complimentary Bellinis. Intense and efficient this team is not unfamiliar with the needs and whims of even the most discerning guest.

With most reviews I attempt to describe the beauty of the location, however, with Mr. C Beverly Hills I will describe the feeling. Understand Mr. C is beautiful, well-appointed, and absolutely beautiful, I wanted to explore the rooms and public areas. As I entered the expansive main entry, which takes you directly to the bar, I couldn’t help but notice I began to relax as I took my seat. Only moments later a gentleman approached with a large silver tray, at the center a lonely Bellini. To my left is a study with volumes of books and inviting chairs of caramel, to my right the stark white of the elegant and sexy restaurant. Was I in a hotel or a swanky lounge? I wasn’t quite sure – but I liked it. The staff was attentive, distant affording privacy, but attentive. I would also like to extend a bit of credit where credit is due as the staff was also intuitive, something a bit harder to find today. How do you ask? I chose Mr. C Beverly Hills for my accommodations while attending the Primetime Emmys, that said, the host took the liberty of making sure my vehicle was positioned at the door and my exit was effortless – even with six other limousines retrieving guests and a full valet. Now about that House Car I mentioned. As a guest, the cheery host that greeted me, informed me Mr. C Beverly Hills extends to their guests a “House Car”, this car is reachable by phone, text, etc., and will retrieve a guest staying with the property within a three-mile radius. Great for those whose shopping feet are tired and need a little help getting back from Rodeo Drive. Clever.

One cannot ask for a better suite or room. The views of Beverly Hills and Los Angeles from the terraces (yes, full terraces with garden-style seating) is nothing short of rejuvenating; I need not leave my room for much. I will not go on gushing of the beauty, if you are reading this you owe yourself the frivolity of booking with Mr. C Beverly Hills. The artwork in the rooms, the starkness of the linen, the leather that resounds everywhere – there can now be only one choice when visiting Beverly Hills. Mr. C Beverly Hills, Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!

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