Nobu Miami Beach

I highly recommend Nobu Miami Beach, they’re five star and all aces in my book. I’ll be back in February and March to enjoy the hotel, beach, and food!
Nobu Miami Beach

I had the pleasure of staying with Nobu Miami Beach while in Miami for a Business Connect meeting. Before I dig into the hotel review and details, everyone who visits Nobu should take the time to introduce themselves to Carlos. Carlos is professional, dapper, and skilled at making travel a breeze. Many of us, yes you, can become frustrated, irritable, and all-around unpleasant after travels. Waiting for valet, the bellman, and the front desk staff after long flights can tax the best of us. This is where Carlos came in. Carlos seemed to always be one step ahead of us and made every task we were achieving efficient and effortless. Nobu is lucky to have such a guy on their staff.

Moving on – the hotel is beautiful, albeit the rather odd front desk location. Were I to note one thing that I didn’t like it would be the placement of the front desk and check-in. The front desk is immediately to your left upon entry and, during periods of busy check-in/check-out, the lines of travelers with their luggage can reach and even extend beyond the doors. Moreover, the lobby is shared with Eden Roc and there is another check-in at right. The first I’ve seen of this.

The Lobby Bar is stellar, the elevators are outstanding (touchscreen, a nice touch), and the room keys are RFID. I’ve worked with hospitality and casino gaming in Las Vegas for over 15 years and you would be surprised at how many resorts and hotels still don’t have RFID room keys! The rooms are well-appointed and the linen seemed brand new. I also appreciated the walls weren’t thin and no suffering at the hands of loud neighbors. The amenities are elegant right down to the complimentary coffee guests receive.

When visiting everyone should visit Malibu Farm and buy lunch or dinner; at least stop in for a drink. Get a table, don’t sit at the bar so you can enjoy the ocean view. When we ate lunch it was 80 degrees, sunny, and a mild wind. Utter paradise. The staff was swamped it was so busy but still delivered stellar friendly service, and the vocalist and DJ kept things fun as she crooned table to table. Malibu Farm had a live singer that livened the place while we ate and the music was tasteful. Expect to see a wild mix of friendly people, from the guests grabbing a quick bite to those dressed to the nines headed out, even loungy chill regular guests. It’s a welcoming spot, be sure to visit.

We even took time to visit the beach and it was both not crowded and easy to access. Again, Nobu’s location is unrivaled. The beach is actually public, however, Nobu backs up to the beach with only a pedestrian path separating the hotel from the sand. It’s super convenient. I estimate the walk from the elevator to the sand is no more than five minutes. Located by the Ocean Garden Pool, don’t forget to stop in and visit Aquatica too. It’s a great spot to just take in the ocean breeze and enjoy a hand-crafted seasonal cocktail. All are locally sourced too.

It wouldn’t be a holiday without a little relaxation and room service – just like Carlos, the room service team was great. Timely, efficient, friendly, and the food was great. Be sure to order the Pomodoro. Another elegant touch, one that my home of Vegas should embrace, is the push-button beacons for room service. Each delivery includes an electronic beacon, when pressed, the room-service team is notified to retrieve the service. Excellent.

I highly recommend Nobu Miami Beach, they’re five-star and all aces in my book. I’ll be back in February and March to enjoy the hotel, beach, and food!

Oh, if you’re looking and can’t find it, the ATM is downstairs in a cove by the business center. You’re welcome.


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