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Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1934, Fallingwater is an iconic architectural masterpiece known for its harmony with nature. This detailed LEGO model, created by architect Adam Reed Tucker, perfectly captures Fallingwater’s unique features. Measuring 10.1 inches wide, 4.6 inches high, and 5 inches deep, it sits on a grey and black base and includes an informative booklet about the house’s construction and history. Ideal for display, this model is a beautiful and educational tribute to one of the world’s most famous houses.

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Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1934, Fallingwater is widely regarded as one of the most iconic houses in the world. Since opening to the public in 1963, this architectural masterpiece has exemplified Wright’s organic architectural style, emphasizing harmony between human habitation and nature.

This meticulously crafted LEGO model, co-developed and designed by architect Adam Reed Tucker, faithfully captures the distinctive features that make Fallingwater a marvel of architecture. The model measures 25.7 cm in width and is mounted on a grey and black base, which includes the name of the builder.

Additionally, the set comes with an informative booklet detailing the house’s construction, history, and architectural significance.

Perfect for display on a desk, shelf, or fireplace, this imaginative and original model of the renowned Fallingwater house is both a stunning decorative piece and an educational tool.

Includes a booklet with details on the creation of the house and its history.

Dimensions: 4.6 inches high, 10.1 inches wide, and 5 inches deep.

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