The Hood Survival Guide: Make It Out Alive


The Hood Survival Guide, Book 1 – Make It Out Alive is your sarcastic key to survival against the many threats that face you in The Hood. This book, the first in a series, covers beginner knowledge and both defines The Hood, dangers, and preparation.

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The Hood Survival Guide: Make It Out Alive” is my self-help, sarcastic guide to navigating the challenges one might face in “The Hood.” This book is the first in a series and aims to provide beginner-level knowledge to its readers. It encompasses an understanding of what “The Hood” entails, the dangers associated with it, and how one can prepare to face these challenges.

I employ a unique sarcastic tone to engage readers while providing valuable insights on survival in difficult urban environments. I cover a range of topics to help readers better understand the dynamics of such environments and equip them with the knowledge needed to navigate through them safely.