The first thing you notice is the casual elegance. After traveling at “warp speed” to the 23rd floor of the Waldorf-Astoria at City Center, one exits into a sexy corridor high in the sky. A gentle turn to the right walks one into SkyBar – note the unassuming entrance. However, upon entry taken aback would be the correct phrasing for the spectacular view of the Vegas skyline.

Entering you can’t help but notice the bar, surrounded on three sides by floor-to-ceiling windows. It is impressive how, in such a rather open space, SkyBar is able to maintain discreet seating arrangements allowing privacy and comfort. I often visit after a long day at the office and recommend the Silver Whistle. It is an amazing concoction and my drink of choice cruising in as the sunsets. What is a Silver Whistle? It is Stolichnaya, Lillet Rouge, fresh watermelon, Italian Maresca cherries, silver dust served tall over ice with Champagne. Different yes. Delicious yes.

The crowd is a mix of professionals and well-heeled travelers and the view is beautiful, shall we say, inside and out. Décor is sultry and dark and the staff is of the friendly, yet distant variety – maintaining privacy and comfort. The culinary fare is not expansive but does not disappoint.

If you seek a hide-a-way of sorts while maintaining elegance, SkyBar is the place. Be sure to look for me near the West windows as it is my hidden jewel.

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