The 2025 Army of the Tread EV Road Rally has chosen Bellagio Las Vegas as its official host resort.

The Bellagio Las Vegas has officially been selected as the host resort for the 2025 Army of the Tread EV Road Rally.
The Bellagio

In a thrilling and historic announcement, the esteemed Bellagio Las Vegas has officially been selected as the host resort for the eagerly anticipated 2025 Army of the Tread EV Road Rally. This momentous occasion is set to revolutionize the realms of electric transportation, opulent voyages, and eco-conscious breakthroughs, and there could not be a more befitting venue than the world-renowned Bellagio.

A Marriage of Elegance and Progress

The Bellagio Las Vegas, an emblem of luxury and refinement, will play a central role in extending a warm welcome to rally participants and attendees for an unforgettable three-day odyssey. Against the iconic backdrop of the Bellagio Fountains, the rally will commence with a sumptuous kick-off at this exquisite resort, establishing the tone for an unparalleled experience.

Day One: A Grand Commencement

The first day of the rally will witness participants embarking on an exhilarating desert escapade, traversing the awe-inspiring landscapes of Red Rock Canyon and Spring Mountain Ranch State Park. The Bellagio will serve as the epicenter of excitement and anticipation as participants convene to embark on their journey.

Day Two: An Expedition of Discovery

As the rally unfolds, day two will feature a tour through picturesque mountain passes and visits to state-of-the-art high-performance EV facilities. Participants will have the opportunity to delve into the future of electric mobility while indulging in life’s finer pleasures. The day will culminate with a delightful winery tour, inviting guests to savor the region’s exquisite flavors.

Day Three: The Grand Finale

The rally’s grand finale will match its grandeur as participants navigate a breathtaking drive through the captivating Valley of Fire State Park. The voyage will ultimately lead them back to the Bellagio Las Vegas, where a celebration of achievements, awards, entertainment, and camaraderie will mark the triumphant conclusion of this extraordinary event.

A Flawless Partnership

The Bellagio Las Vegas, renowned for its unwavering dedication to luxury, hospitality, and world-class service, stands as the ideal host for an event that seamlessly melds cutting-edge electric vehicle technology with the extravagance of premium travel. This partnership signifies the fusion of excellence, where the rally’s vision for sustainable innovation finds a home in the heart of Las Vegas.

Exploring Tomorrow Together

The 2025 Army of the Tread EV Road Rally promises to be an expedition that sparks transformation and fuels the imagination. With the Bellagio Las Vegas as its host resort, this event signifies a harmonious union of luxury, innovation, and an unwavering commitment to shaping a sustainable future.

Save the date for this extraordinary event and get ready to witness electric mobility and opulent travel as you’ve never seen before. For more information about the rally, please visit our website and stay tuned for updates on what is destined to be an electrifying experience.

About the Bellagio Las Vegas:

The Bellagio Las Vegas is an iconic luxury resort and casino situated on the illustrious Las Vegas Strip. Renowned for its breathtaking fountains, world-class dining, and elegant accommodations, the Bellagio has garnered a reputation as the ultimate destination for travelers seeking the pinnacle of Las Vegas luxury.

About the 2025 Army of the Tread EV Road Rally:

The 2025 Army of the Tread EV Road Rally is an exclusive event that unites electric vehicle enthusiasts, technological trailblazers, and connoisseurs of luxury travel. It is dedicated to reshaping the landscape of electric mobility, opulent voyages, and sustainable innovation, providing a platform to showcase cutting-edge technology and conscientious travel practices.

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