The Belvedere

Passing through the slinky bar and into The Belvedere be ready for the best dining of your life.

The Belvedere

When writing reviews I do my best to not come across like a “gushing” teen, however, I forewarn you I experienced my best dining experience to date with The Belvedere.

Enter. I dined with The Belvedere following The 63rd Primetime Emmys and was of the impression The Belvedere could hold its own against the raging feast at The Governors Ball. My date and I began with assorted bread of many varieties, including Raisin. Warm and soft to the touch, the accompanying spreads only made them taste better. Following the bread we were each given Fig Confit and, noting such a small thing, it was amazing.

After beginning with bread and Fig, we were recommended a Sonoma Merlot that could not have been better; along with a sampling of five chocolates to die for. Understand I ordered Halibut, however, she ordered steak – a popular food pairing for Merlot. The Halibut, seared, was soft in texture yet retained the flavor of Lemon and did not disappoint. Until this meal, I swore by the Halibut at Gordon Ramsay at The London – no longer! The steak, of course, I tried a bite as well, was succulent and cooked to perfection. I really can’t think of a better steak in recent days, and won’t try to describe it. I simply say visit and buy the Filet.

Without continuing with the gory details, we followed our main courses with a small Sherbet, thereafter with Crème Brûlée, and coffee. Prior to our departure, Sergio who painstakingly cared for us also gifted my date with something for breakfast – that being a tin replete with Granola.

Beyond food? I would like to also mention the team that cared for us was spot on and did not miss a step or make a mistake. The restaurant is well appointed and nestled away for privacy, even when you are the only patrons dining as in the case of my date and I. Passing through the slinky bar and into The Belvedere be ready for the best dining of your life.

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