The London West Hollywood

I must admit The London West Hollywood is the hotel I frequent most when in town. I never tire of arriving under and amidst the ivy in the valet and the entry and foyer give an opulent feel.

The rooms are both stately and well-appointed. With my numerous visits, I have yet to express a need for the fundamental product. Expect rooms with comfortable seating, gentle bedding, and, for those of us that must be connected at all times, wireless that isn’t anemic. Room service is timely and polite, retrieval and cleanup fastidious.

Moreover, when staying with The London one MUST visit Gordon Ramsey. I have dined numerous times and it has never failed me. The attire is “smart casual” and the venue is a hidden, tucked away retreat of sorts. A favorite of mine is the Halibut, full of flavor and simplicity – with The London West Hollywood, you can’t lose.