Zwift Makuri Islands, Flatland Loop – Recon Ride

The flattest Yumezi route is similar to the Countryside Tour. This route skips the Temple KOM, keeping you off the dirt roads.

Not Makuri Islands flattest route, however, a great ride if you want a flat Makuri ride that’s avoids the KOMs. Begin by travelling through the farmlands, before hitting the Country Sprint— the only timed segment on this route. Next, you will pass through Village Onsen, a vibrant town centered around  hot springs. Watch for the food carts and Yōkai floats, and  visit at night, if you can because when the lights turn on, it’s something else! After you cross the island bridges and through the cherry blossoms you’ll find yourself in the tiny Fishing Village. (We know what you’re thinking. Learn from our mistake: now is not the time to pick up dinner. Your jersey pockets aren’t big enough anyway.) Descend  past the Castle area and through the marketplace, and you’ll soon find yourself at the lap banner.