Zwift Olympic Virtual Series: Chase Race Week 3 – Tempus Fugit

Zwift Olympic Virtual Series

Saturday, June 19th: Zwift Olympic Virtual Series – Chase Event Week Three World: Watopia

Route: Tempus Fugit Laps: 2 Lead-in: 1.4 mi // 2.3 km Total Distance: 22.8 mi // 36.7 km (including Lead-in) Total Elevation Gain: 190 ft // 58 m Chase Events Details: The Zwift Olympic Virtual Series – Chase Events are a three-week series of open challenges, men and women of all ages and fitness levels can choose between four categories in handicap-style chase races. The task at hand? Try to stay ahead of the category behind you. Group D will take off first, on the hour Group C starts 3 minutes after that Group B starts 3 minutes after C (6 minutes after event start) Group A starts 3 minutes after B (9 minutes after event start)